Scammers we have known

  • A message on 24.2.19 claiming to be from concerning a non-existent order to be delivered to "home" the following day, cancellable through
  • Circular on 20.8.18 from Health Lottery UK (Trafalgar House, 6 Canada Square, Canary Wharf); agent Paul Anderson, Aviva Financial Management, 0207-0603775 and 07470-098085.
  • Email on 26.2.18 from " ", concerning subscription to Amazon Gold Prime Membership at GBP 79; inviting clicks to .
  • Email on 19.1.18 from "DPD Delivery " referring to an order of which I have no knowledge, and inviting a click on "Find My Parcel []" which would go to " c473bd1bad0a3cc-id-jxmstxi-to-package-parcel". More or less identical email on 21.1.18 from "DPD Center " and inviting a click on "Find My Parcel []" which would go to " c473bd1bad0a3cc-id-itxpjmpv-to-package-parcel".
  • Email on 21.11.17 from "" , originating from , +2349037498629 ,
  • Email on 31.3.17 from "Janet Abbott", or , asking for 1380 with a sob story about a damaged credit card. She gave the address 1633 F.T Benitez St. Malate, Manila, Philippines, and the passport number 305108183.

  • Call on 9.4.16 from "withheld number", eventually gave me the number 01245791258 to call back, name Patrick Williams; his story was that Microsoft had detected interference with a computer. On ringing back I got "all lines are busy, please try later".

  • Unsolicited text from +44 7895985360: "Unsure if you qualify for a refund of PPI paid on a loan or credit card? Reply PPI and we will run a no obligation check or reply STOP to opt out. TPPCO"

  • Call on 23.9.13 from 08432168321; purpose not clear; possibly hoping for a return call to a premium rater number.

  • Mobile call on 7.8.13 from 08452863313.

  • Silent call on 29.6.13 from 01274663293.

  • Silent call on 21.6.13 from 960049 (Colchester General Hospital). Repeated on 22.6.13.

  • Cold call on 20.6.13 from 02035897750; reported on the Web to be Sun Air Developments.

  • Cold call on 31.5.13 from PPI Support Line, Manchester, tel 01921680215.

  • email on 21.4.13: "From our database,it shows your package is coming in with a high priority", +3938 89566089 (this is I think a mobile number).

  • Cold call from "Energy Care Department" on 20.4.13. The woman (with a native English accent) refused to give a number where I could call them back, and 1471 yielded "no number".

  • Cold call from 01603540127 on 19.2.13.

  • Cold call from Pro-tech Roof Solutions, George Williams Way, Colchester CO1 2JS, 01206766000 on 5.2.13.

  • Another standard wording of an e-mail hacker scam: "I'm Sorry to disturb you with this mail, I'm out of the country in London and found myself in a situation which i really need to take care of now, I can't even make calls because my mobile can?t work here so I didn't bring it along. I need a loan of $2,000 USD I'll explain better and refund the money back to you immediately I get back. If you can help me out with the money or whatever amount you can come up with I will really appreciate it. Get back to me asap. Please keep it between us."
       (This was on 28.1.11.) Just how idle does a con-man have to be, to use patter which has already been reported on the Web? including an inappropriate currency? But it seems that a lot of them are.

  • This one refers to the second-hand book mart abebooks. If you search for a book there in the ordinary way, you get a list of results in increasing order of price (including postage). This would be very helpful if the prices were honestly declared. But in the case of a book I recently ordered from Librairie Lire et Chiner, Colmar, the price was understated by some 15. All price comparison websites face this problem. But abebooks appear to condone the delinquency; they forwarded the bookseller's demand for further payment, without apparently penalising the original misstatement in any way. While there will of course be cases in which prices are incorrectly listed without any deliberate intention to deceive, I think they ought to discourage the practice; for instance, by simply telling the customer "order cannot be fulfilled", deleting the entry in their list of books for sale, and inviting the bookseller to re-submit the entry at the correct price.
       I ought to add that the book in question arrived promptly and in good condition, and that even at the increased price I think it was fair value.

  • From: mohammed habib,
    Your e-mail address came up in a random draw conducted by my law firm
    "Mr.Abdullah A. Rahman a well known Philanthropist"

  • Received: from BLU122-W25 ([])
    From: Alhaji. Mohammed Musa,
    I am initiating this contact as a springboard for partnership. I represent a small clique of very senior public Officers who share a common vision for investment overseas. The Investment portfolio is worth $4.2 Million Dollars. The focus is to establish a partnership for investment. Please reciprocate this contact.
    Direct Number, + 234-80-99272329

  • Received: from ([] helo=User) by with esmtpa (Exim 4.69) (envelope-from One Mr. Samuel Oliver made a payment into your egg account. And As part of our security measures to keep to keep you update.

  • Turaki Davis,,, CONTACT AGENT MR PAUL OBIKA, NC 27609, 419.

  • Google Online Promo, Francis Henson ( "Your e-mail have emerged as a winner of £500,000.00 GBP (Five Hundred Thousand British Pounds) in our on-going New Year Promotion", 31.1.09

    Unusually, he used a genuine e-mail address belonging to a (presumed innocent) hotel-keeper in Costa Rica.

  • Here is a new one. At least some of the forms issued by the office of the Public Guardian in London (the British government office dealing with powers of attorney and other matters concerning legal authority to manage the affairs of those unable to do it themselves) refer to a web page This page in fact carries advertising. It seems to belong to Elephant Orchestra AS of Slezska 2170/111, Praha 3.

    I should like to believe that the original printing of (rather than the correct was just a typist's error. This seems to have been picked up by someone who registered the site and has been selling space on it.

  • This one was rather fun, and only mildly inconvenient, but it could have been expensive. In March 2008 I sent a cheque, drawn on the Cooperative Bank, to a colleague in Mbarara, Uganda; it was deposited in an account at the Standard Bank, Mbarara, and correctly debited to my account in April 2008. At the end of May a cheque for approximately ten times the amount was presented against my account and refused by my bank solely because the balance in the account was inadequate. (I trust that everyone is aware that British banks do not normally look at cheques.) I was notified of this (somewhat discourteously) by the Cooperative Bank. On my declaring that no such cheque had been issued, they sent me a rather poor photocopy of the cheque. It was made out to the "Mount Kenya Safari Club". I think that this must have been carefully copied from the valid cheque sent earlier, and while without seeing the original I cannot be sure, I think it was copied by hand rather than by machine. There are three pointers to suggest that the fraud was perpetrated by experienced people: (i) the amount of the cheque -- it seems a reasonable rule of thumb that an account can be expected to pay out ten times the amount on a cheque you have seen; (ii) the number of the cheque -- they chose a number towards the end of the chequebook from which the valid cheque had been taken; (iii) the quality of the forgery, which was more than sufficient to deceive anyone unfamiliar with the cheques of the Cooperative Bank.

    The matter has now been resolved, but the Cooperative Bank appear to be taking no action to make repetition of the fraud more difficult. Mr Clemence Karanja of the Mount Kenya Safari Club has been most helpful; the cheque was deposited to pay for a holiday on Mt Kenya for a party; the booking was cancelled with the excuse that one of the members of the party had died; the Safari Club was asked for a refund by wire transfer; naturally they refused. The fraudster gave a common Ugandan name (Nasser Ssenyonga), a false address in Kampala ("Rwenzori Courts, Yusuf Lule Rd") and the telephone number +256751087399.

  • "Spammers", rather than "scammers" (at least, as far as I know, and I have no intention of finding out), but certainly tiresome blisters: Permission Request Information (


  • Casco Grupo Seguridad S.A. and the Euromillones Loteria, address Avenida da la Abufera 75, C/P 28008, Madrid; tel. 0034911011222, 0034695758274; fax 0034692892957; e-mail; claims agent Luis Alberto, vice-president Mario Munez; see here.

  • Domain Registry of America, tel. +19054792533,; Domain Registry of America, 56 Gloucester Road #526, London, England SW74UB; see Wikipedia.

  • European City Guide, see here and here and here. Also Premium Recovery AG.

  • Winterthur Seguros S.A., addresses Miramar 9 block 4 Madrid 28002, Mayor 11 Madrid 29006; e-mails,,; tels +34695729034, +34651064531; faxes +34695729035, +34654286694; references Annumada International Lotto, EGS/0007459015/03; see here and here.