How to reach 25 Ireton Road, Colchester:

1. By train

The principal station is called just "Colchester" by the rail companies (there is another, much smaller, called "Colchester Town"). The former is generally called "North Station" by the townspeople. From North Station, then, you can take a taxi (£7 in July 2010) (most taxi-drivers know "Ireton Road", but if they are doubtful say "off Maldon Road, after Honywood Road"); or two buses, No. 3 to the bus station in Osborne St, then one of the buses along Maldon Road (see paragraph 3 below); or walk (30-40 minutes).

There are frequent trains from Liverpool St Station in London (three or four an hour during weekdays), taking 45-65 minutes; see rail enquiries.

2. By car from London

You take the A12 eastwards. You leave the A12 just before Colchester (signpost "Colchester Central A133"); the road at this point has 4 lanes in the eastbound carriageway, of which the left-hand pair become the slip road, curving beneath the A12 to a roundabout. There you go half-left (signpost "Colchester A133") and after a bit less than a mile you come to a second roundabout where you turn right (signpost "A134 Town Centre"). You come shortly to a third roundabout where you turn half right up the hill (signpost "Town Centre, Maldon", Roman wall on your left, footbridge above you at the top). Over the brow of the hill you come to the fourth roundabout where you again turn half right (signpost "B1022 Maldon"). Ireton Road is fourth on the right (fingerpost "Christ Church"). No. 25 is straight ahead at the top, next to the church.

2a. By car from Cambridge

I favour the direct route, through Haverhill and Halstead. A few miles from Colchester, just after the village Eight Ash Green, you join the A12. Now continue as in (2) above; the Colchester turn-off is only about half a mile from where you came in.

  • Note that while the roads are changed rarely, their numbers change quite often and the signposts even oftener. So be aware that the details in quotes are not really to be trusted. If you get lost in Colchester, most people will know where the police station is, and that is at the 'fourth roundabout' as described above.
  • 3. By bus

    The nearest thing Colchester has to a bus station is in Osborne St, about a mile from Ireton Rd. Buses 1, 1A, 4, 63, 75, 75A, 92 and 92B (I think) go along Maldon Road; there is a stop at the end of Ireton Road.

    Walking from the bus station, it is just under a mile to Ireton Road; go west along St John's St to Whitewell Road, south along Whitewell Road and under Southway, west along Southway to the police station (the "fourth roundabout" in paragraph 2 above), south-west along Maldon Road to Ireton Road, north along Ireton Road. (Do not attempt to go directly to Southway via Stanwell St, as Google Directions suggest.)

    See maps ( Google, Bing).

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